Hot water connection


The owner of a property in Campbell called Canberra Hot Water and Plumbing to fix an issue with her hot water system. Although the property had a continuous hot water system, it was located on the opposite side to the kitchen, meaning hot water took three to four minutes to arrive through the kitchen tap. While waiting for hot water, the cold water was being wasted and sent straight to the waste. We explained that continuous flow systems only work efficiently if the plumbing fixtures are close to the system.

Due to previous house extensions and poor plumbing standards, the piping was a mess! We traced the line back and found it was just a big loop.

Offering the owner different solutions, we installed a 50L electric hot water system near the kitchen. We installed new pipes and capped off the unwanted water line.

If you have a similar issue with your hot water system, don’t waste your money and our precious resource. We all need to do our bit to conserve water use, and Canberra Hot Water and Plumbing can take care of the electrical and plumbing works to maximise your efficiency.

As a local and professional company, our reputation is everything. Taking the time to offer the right solution means happy customers.