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Burst flexible hose is the number one insurance claim

A burst flexible hose connection is still the number one claim for insurance companies. It’s impossible to count how many of these issues we have attended. We recommend replacing flexible hose... More >

Rusted system leads to new install for efficiency

We received a request to attend a property in O’Connor. The owner lived in another state and the property was currently leased. The tenant had reported an issue with the electric... More >

Hot water connection

The owner of a property in Campbell called Canberra Hot Water and Plumbing to fix an issue with her hot water system. Although the property had a continuous hot water system,... More >

Tree roots and blocked drains cause havoc

Blocked sewer drains cause many issues in Canberra and the surrounding areas. Drains become blocked from tree roots, kitchen waste including fats, hair, heavy rain and floods, and many other complex... More >