Rusted system leads to new install for efficiency


We received a request to attend a property in O’Connor. The owner lived in another state and the property was currently leased. The tenant had reported an issue with the electric hot water system. Upon inspection we noted the system contained a lot of rust, was more than 14 years old and required replacement. In order to save costs, the property owner requested we attempt to service the system and only replace the heating element.

As one of the bolts in the system was completely rusted and thus disintegrating, we recommended complete replacement of the unit as the most cost-efficient strategy for the long-term lease of the property.

We installed a brand new Thermann 160L electric hot water system, removed some of the poorly installed hot and cold-water piping, which was impacting the efficiency of the system. We noted the work done previously was not to the required standards – a situation which can impact the safety and efficiency of any plumbing system. The new hot water system features a 12-year cylinder warranty.

Don’t risk your property to flooding and burst pipes. As a locally owned plumbing company, Canberra Hot Water and Plumbing can assist with any hot water system issues.