Water tank installation in Canberra

Water tank installation is quickly becoming a smart way to save money and improve the environmental sustainability of your home. Rainwater tanks collect and store rainwater for several uses in and around your property, whether it is a home or business.

You can save money on water bills by reducing the amount of mains water used. Some homes install a greywater system to divert bathroom, laundry and kitchen water to a garden tank.

A small tank for the garden can be cost effective in reducing your water bills, as the cost of small tank is not prohibitive.

The cost of mains water is steadily rising and there is uncertainty of water restrictions – all good reasons to install a system to collect and store rainwater for your property.

Water from your tank can be used for washing the car or dog, filling up your swimming pool, spa or water feature, cleaning the exterior of your home or watering your garden and vegetables. You can add a water pump installation to set up an automated reticulated watering system for your garden.

Signs of a problem with your hot water system

  • Rusted or discoloured water
  • Hot water runs out too quickly
  • Does not reach the desired temperature
  • Lack of Pressure
  • Scolding hot water
  • Leaking Values

What's involved in having a rainwater tank?

Installing a rainwater tank

We can provide any size polyethylene rainwater tank with industry leading warranty, from trusted, popular and local brands. We offer an end-to-end service; we will inspect your site, provide a quote recommending a suitable and affordable system, assist with selection of tank, prepare the site including levelling the area, connect storm water, install fittings, water pumps or other accessories, and finish with a site clean-up.

There are many tank shapes and sizes available – together, we will decide what is the best fit and style for your property. Slim line tanks fit in the narrow spaces of homes, under deck models can be installed out of sight, or large tanks are best for rural or larger properties.

If your home is being built from scratch, there are even underground options, or under house bladder options which fit neatly underneath your flooring. We can guide you in deciding which option best suits your needs.

Tank Maintenance

When we install your rainwater tank, we will provide a complete maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance of your tank will improve water quality and ensure the system lasts. For water tank and water pump repairs or maintenance in Canberra, call us today.