Emergency blocked drain repairs in Canberra

If you are looking for someone to fix your blocked drain, sink or toilet, Canberra Hot Water and Plumbing provide an emergency blocked drains service for domestic and commercial customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer other emergency plumbing services.
We know a blocked sink, drain or toilet can be a headache and a disruption for your property or business. To upgrade or repair your current system, or install new drainage, call our friendly staff for a quick and affordable quote.

There’s no job too big or too small for Canberra Hot Water and Plumbing.

Our work is fully guaranteed, and our plumbers are experienced and take pride in their quality workmanship.

Signs of a problem with your drains

Drains can cause different problems but there are usually signs something is not right:

  • The drain is making gulping or gurgling sounds.
  • The toilet is holding water or rising above the normal height level.
  • The toilet is sucking for air.
  • Over flowing drains outside in the garden or surrounding the home.
  • Toilet water level is slow to subside after flushing.
  • Water overflowing during washing machine loads
  • Smelly drains
  • Drains clogged by kitchen fats

Why do these problems occur?

  • Tree roots growing through drains
  • Flushing cleaning wipes (please don’t!)
  • Toilet, Wipes
  • Hair, Foods or Toy
  • Kitchen fats
  • Broken or damaged pipes.
  • Misalignment of pipe due to ground movement

How do we fix these common problems?

How do we fix these common problems?

We use the latest technology to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to fix blocked drains.

With specialised knowledge of Canberra and surrounding areas, our plumbers know the climate and environment result in many blocked drains. Our experience in many blocked drains gives us an advantage to fix your plumbing issues, whether you have an old or new property.

What type of technology do we use?

Electric eel

Our technicians are highly experienced in investigating blocked drains using an electric eel to clear the source of the blockage. This technology is a proven and effective method. We feed a high strength steel cable down a sewer line or storm water drain, cutting and rotating the blockage, freeing stuck materials or debris to release.

High pressure Water jetter cleaner

This machine uses water pressure of 5000kpa to cut through blockages. It is highly effective on kitchen fat blockages and tree roots. To ensure the blockage is cleared completely, we use additional quality assurance techniques to guarantee that all blockages are cleared completely.

CCTV Camera and Locator

After we clear a blockage, at our client’s request, we can use a camera and locater to map the exact point of the problem, confirming the blockage is completely cleared.

If there is doubt as to whether we’ve achieved the full clearance of blocked pipes, Canberra Hot Water and Plumbing will recommend another possible solution. Our plumber can provide the client a copy of the drainage video.

Once the cleared blockage has been confirmed, our plumbers offer support and advice to prevent future blockages including maintenance and/or repairs.

Canberra Hot Water and Plumbing recommend drains are cleared every 8 to 16 months to prevent blockages.